Mao Shan Wang Durian – Tips to avoid fake MSW

Mao Shan Wang, also commonly known as Musang King is still the top choice among durian lovers in Singapore. Despite how pricy it can get during non-peak season, avid durian lovers would still fork out money to get their hands on this creamy, bittersweet king of fruit. 

musang king durian

The direct translation for this highly sought-after Mao Shan Wang, or 猫山王 in Chinese is Cat Mountain King. Myth that goes around this name states that MSW is the civet cat’s most favourite fruit. This is far from being true as the real fact is that this type of durian has its origin from a mountain inhabited by many of these civet cats.  How about the name Musang King? If you are from Malaysia, then you would have heard of this popular town called Gua Musang. This is the place where the farmer planted the first ever breed and become very popular since then.

Mao Shan Wang has got its title as king of all durians because of these four important elements which blend together so perfectly – creamiest, richest, most buttery & a balance of bittersweetness. No other breeds can win over this complex flavour of MSW up till today. Another important aspect to highlight is the high ratio of flesh to seed which makes it worthwhile for the price paid. Due to having small, flat seeds, one would be getting a whole lot more of creamy, buttery flesh that literally melts in one’s mouth. 

Mao Shan Wang & Its Key Features

Do not miss out on these 4 crucial features if you are new to this breed. Let us bring you through each feature and you would surely be able to avoid being scammed by dishonest durian sellers. 

(A) Shape of thorns

(B) Shape of durian

(C) Stem of durian

(D) Base of durian

  • The Mao Shan Wang has thorns that resemble the shape of a pyramid while most other durians’ thorns are conical.
  • These pyramid-like thorns are angular and the sides are relatively flat.
  • Check the density aspect of the thorns. Mao Shan Wang thorns are more spread out as compared to densely packed thorns of other durian varieties.
  • Musang King durian is typically oval, very much like the shape of a rugby ball.
  • You may also find MSW that is shaped like a kidney on several occasion.
  • Take a look at the durian on the right. Despite having the same pyramid-like thorns of a Mao Shan Wang, the overall shape of the durian is round.
  • This is Thai Durian and is often passed off as MSW during off season or even at early and late season when the supply of MSW could not meet the increasing demand.
  • Another easy way to distinguish a Mao Shan Wang durian is by having a close look at the stem of this breed.
  • The brownish ring at the bottom of MSW’s stem is relatively bald.
  • You won’t be able to spot any thorns growing on this bald ring surrounding the stem.
  • A typical Mao Shan Wang durian will have this distinct star-shaped pattern on the base that often extend to the sides of durian.
  • The base of MSW is also bald and flat which resembles the flat body of a starfish.
  • Most other durian varieties would have protruding, spiky base. 


Photo Credit : Best Durian Delivery

Mao Shan Wang best tip – Spot all above

To avoid getting scammed by durian sellers, make sure to spot all the above features in a single durian. If there is only one or two identical features, you are most likely looking at other clones like Thai durian. Do not fall for the trap and take your time to check the durian that you are getting. The right Mao Shan Wang durian will give you rich, thick, bright yellow flesh and not overly pungent, sweet fragrance. 

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