Why BEST Durian Delivery Singapore?

Our folks have been in this industry for more than 50 years, started back in the 1960s, loving the tastes, smell and sometimes the hustle of getting the best bite out of the many “KAMPUNG” durians. And if you do not know...there is no individual durian name back in the early days to recognise the taste for our likings until the late 1970s or 1980s. “Hybrids or clones” of “Original” durians started to cultivate due to increasing demand. The durian farmers from Penang started to give unique names to distinguish the many types of such notorious-looking fruits. Since then varieties like D24, D101 and Musang King burst into the scene, Black Thorn being the latest addition. And the trend to hunt durians down by their taste continues since then.

why choose us

Why choose us

Let’s brush aside the many stories of this KING OF FRUITS. In reality, almost every durian plantation has their own crop of trees to supply Mao Shan Wang (MSW). But what is most important? The BEST Durians are not necessarily found only from their origin. Like “Red Prawn” durian for instance, it is widely believed to have originated from one of Penang’s kampung. The original durian can be as small as containing only one pulp. How can “Red Prawn” hunters have enough of it? This explains why there are so many hybrid durians today.

The strongest factor to give the BEST recognition of a good durian will be the age of the tree bearing the type of durian.

Here at BEST Durian Delivery Singapore, we want to share with you what should be the most critical points for durian lovers to know before they order durians online.
1) Knowing your favourite durian’s taste
2) Honest and experienced durian sellers who would be transparent with the grade of your selection
3) BEST PRICE ALWAYS depending on the grade of your selection
4) BEST Customer Experience. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Today we urge durian lovers to learn to spot their shenanigans and avoid disappointment from dishonest durian sellers.

MSW oldtree
why choose us

Finally it is time to express our “LOVE” for our durian fans.

Our very own signature BLACK GOLD MSW from Raub, Pahang. It is one of the oldest towns in Pahang and it is a well-known location today which produces the BEST Mao Shan Wang (MSW). Our stringent quality control and growing methodology ensures that no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours are added. Coupled with our internal processes and controls, we ensure that only the best quality durians reach our customers.

You deserve the BEST, we deliver the BEST.