XO Durian

It is an extraordinary product that encapsulates the essence of premium quality and indulgence. With its rich and decadent flavour, XO Durian sets itself apart, allowing you to savour the most compelling and aromatic durian experience imaginable. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and elevate your palate with XO Durian’s unrivalled taste and unmatched quality.

Colour: Pale yellow
Taste: Strong bitterness with an alcoholic bite, soft, fleshy, and creamy
From: Johor, Genting, and Cameron Highlands

800g of durian without husk is around 3.2kg of durian with husk.
400g pack: 1 pax portion
800g pack: 2 pax portion


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XO Durian

The XO Durian is a mouth-watering tropical fruit that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. This sensational fruit is a true gem that combines affordability with luxury. Native to Southeast Asia, the XO Durian has gained international acclaim for its unique features and exceptional taste.

1. Unparalleled Aroma

The XO Durian is renowned for its distinctive and alluring aroma that wafts through the air, beckoning all fruit enthusiasts. Imagine walking into a tropical paradise, where the sweet, rich scent of the XO Durian envelops you, transporting you to a world of pure indulgence. It is a fragrance that you cannot resist.

2. Exquisite Flavor

When it comes to flavour, the XO Durian surpasses all expectations. Bite into this exotic treat and experience a luscious blend of creamy, custard-like goodness with hints of bittersweet notes that dance on your palate. Each mouthful is a delightful adventure, with the perfect balance of sweetness and complexity, making it the ultimate gastronomic symphony.

3. Nutritional Bounty

The XO Durian satisfies your taste buds and provides many nutritional benefits. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, this wonder fruit promotes a healthy lifestyle. It boosts your immune system, improves digestion, and helps maintain healthy skin while tantalising your taste buds.

4. Expertly Cultivated

Our XO Durian is painstakingly grown and harvested by experienced farmers who nurture each fruit with care and expertise. These dedicated cultivators employ traditional methods passed down through generations, ensuring that every XO Durian is of the highest quality and undergoes strict quality control to meet our discerning standards.

5. A True Culinary Delight

The XO Durian offers endless possibilities in culinary creations. From incorporating it into decadent desserts and creamy ice creams to using it as a secret ingredient in savoury dishes, this versatile fruit lends a touch of sophistication to any recipe. Create unforgettable meals that leave your guests in awe of the exquisite taste of the XO Durian.

6. An Experience Worth Every Penny

Investing in the XO Durian is not merely about purchasing a fruit but an investment in an experience. Indulge in the luxury and opulence that this extraordinary fruit brings to the table. With every bite, you elevate your senses, embarking on a gastronomic adventure that will leave you craving more.

So, come and experience the XO Durian today. Immerse yourself in its alluring aroma, relish its exquisite flavour, and discover a world of taste that will leave you wanting more. Treat yourself to the ultimate tropical indulgence and unlock culinary possibilities with the XO Durian.

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    I recently ordered XO durian from Durian Delivery.net and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. The durian arrived in excellent condition, showcasing the freshness and quality that this site promises. The XO variety had that distinct, rich flavor – creamy, sweet, with a hint of bitterness, exactly how a good XO durian should taste.

    The delivery was prompt, and the packaging ensured the durian remained intact and fresh. The customer service was commendable, responding promptly to my inquiries and providing helpful information.

    The reason for a 4-star rating instead of 5 is the price point, which I found slightly higher. While the quality is undoubtedly there, a more competitive pricing structure would enhance the overall value.

    In summary, if you’re a durian lover looking for a reliable online source, Durian Delivery.net’s XO durian is definitely worth trying. They deliver on quality and taste, albeit at a premium price.

    • Avatar of admin


      Thank you for sharing your feedback on our XO Durian. We’re thrilled to hear that you had a pleasant experience with our durian delivery service. It’s great to know that the durian arrived fresh and in excellent condition, showcasing the freshness and quality that we promise.

      We appreciate your kind words about the distinct, rich flavor of our XO durian. Our team takes pride in providing a creamy, sweet taste with a hint of bitterness, just as a good XO durian should taste.

      Furthermore, we’re glad that our prompt delivery and sturdy packaging ensured that the durian remained intact and fresh upon arrival. Our customer service team is also pleased to have provided you with helpful information and responded promptly to your inquiries.

      We understand your feedback regarding the price point, and we appreciate your honesty. While we strive to maintain the highest quality, we are continuously working on optimizing our pricing structure to offer a more competitive value to our customers.

      Thank you for considering us as a reliable online source for durian lovers. We’re grateful for your support and trust in our product’s quality and taste, despite the premium pricing. If there’s anything else we can do to enhance your experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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