Discover the Richness of Durian Puree: Our Durian Puree category offers a delightful exploration into the creamy, flavorful world of durians. Sourced from the finest orchards in Southeast Asia, our puree captures the essence of this exotic fruit in its most versatile form. Our durian puree is a testament to quality and taste, perfect for culinary adventures, from baking to beverage making. It’s made with carefully selected, fully ripe durians, ensuring an unmatched consistency and flavor. This puree is ideal for chefs, connoisseurs, and durian enthusiasts alike. It brings the unique and bold flavors of durian into your kitchen. Experience the convenience and culinary versatility of our premium Durian Puree, a must-have for any exotic fruit lover’s pantry.

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    • Durian Puree Durian puree is a rich, creamy fruit paste prepared from the flesh of the durian fruit, with a unique and spicy scent. D24 and Mao Shan Wang are two popular forms of durian puree. D24 durian puree is derived from the D24 durian cultivar, which is prized for its sweet and somewhat bitter flavour. It…
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