The Green Skin King Durian product_tag is the perfect way to enjoy the unique and sweet flavors of one of the most sought after tropical fruits, the durian. Enjoy the creamy texture and sweetness of the King Durian. It is perfect for baking, and adding as a topping to desserts. Enjoy the unique flavor and aroma of the King Durian with this product_tag.

  • Green Skin King Durian ($18/kg) Quick View
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      Green Skin King Durian ($18/kg) Quick View
    • Green Skin King Durian ($18/kg)

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    • Green Skin King Durian With an enticing green skin, this king of durians offers a rich and creamy texture, bursting with an incredibly sweet and aromatic flavor profile. Indulge in this extraordinary delicacy that promises an exceptional taste experience, making it a true gem among durian enthusiasts. Portion: 400g/600g/800g/1000g pack, de-husked. 800g of durian without husk is…
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