The ‘Durian Lover’ product tag is the ideal destination to find items perfect for those passionate about this unique and divisive Southeast Asian fruit. Here you’ll find a range of durian-themed merchandise, from bags and clothing adorned with its notorious spiky exterior, to cakes and chocolate-covered delights for those who want to celebrate the beloved flavor of durian. There’s even some durian snacks, such as dried fruit chips and energy bars, for when you get those durian cravings. Get ready to delight your taste buds and show off your love for durian with the ‘Durian Lover’ product tag!

  • D101 Durian ($16/kg) Quick View
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      D101 Durian ($16/kg) Quick View
    • D101 Durian ($16/kg)

    • $27.20$68.00
    • D101 Durian A remarkable fruit with unrivaled taste and texture. Known for its creamy, rich flavor, this heavenly delicacy is a true delight to the palate. With its distinctively bittersweet aroma and smooth consistency, D101 Durian promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Savor the sweet advantages of this tropical treasure and indulge in its unique qualities, making it…
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  • Golden Phoenix Durian – Jin Feng ($22/kg) Quick View
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      Golden Phoenix Durian – Jin Feng ($22/kg) Quick View
    • Golden Phoenix Durian – Jin Feng ($22/kg)

    • $35.20$88.00
    • Golden Phoenix Durian – Jin Feng Golden Phoenix Durian, also known as Jin Feng, is a remarkable durian product that stands out for its exceptional features and unique qualities. With its delicious and creamy taste, this durian is an indulgence like no other. Its rich aroma and smooth texture make it a favourite among durian lovers. Experience…
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