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Old Tree Shan Wang

These premium durians, which are grown on old trees in the thriving orchards, provide an exceptional gustatory experience. Take a deep breath in the mouthwatering bittersweet tastes and rich, creamy texture that have made Mao Shan Wang the king of durians. Old Tree Mao Shan Wang is a fantastic treat for fans of durian; savor the highest quality and extraordinary richness.

One of Pahang’s oldest trees was used for this harvest.

•Incredibly strong bittersweetness.

•Highly creamy and mouth-melting texture (even more so than regular MSW)

•Mostly small seeds (for more flesh)

•Each box comes with 800g of durian meat, made from approximately 3.2 kg of husked durian. A box is perfect for 2 pax.

•100% Free Replacement Guarantee



Bitterness ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

From: Pahang, Penang, Johor, and Kelantan

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The Aged Tree One of the most esteemed and sought-after cultivars of durian is Mao Shan Wang, sometimes referred to as Musang King. It is named after the Mao Shan Wang region in Pahang, Malaysia, where it is primarily cultivated.


It normally has a huge size and weighs between 2 and 3 kilograms on average. The fruit has a thick, prickly husk that serves as its outer covering. Typically, the husk is green with a brownish tint.


The flesh of this durian has a buttery, creamy quality, often characterized as custard-like and smooth. Durian fans find its melt-in-your-mouth feel highly appealing.


Durian fans are well aware of the intense and unique fragrance of the Old Tree, Mao Shan Wang. It emanates a strong, overwhelming odor that enthusiasts describe as a combination of sweet, floral, and somewhat alcoholic overtones. While some people find the odor offensive, durian fans find it enticing.


It tastes sweet and creamy, with a little nutty undertone and touches of harshness. The flesh is a favorite among fans of durian because of its well-balanced sweetness.


Cultivators prefer older trees because they believe they produce fruit with higher flavor and texture. The maturation of these trees contributes to the exceptional flavor and texture of the durians they produce. Due to its exceptional flavor, texture, and perfume, enthusiasts frequently regard it as the king of durians. Durian fans from all around the world eagerly seek out this highly regarded species.

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